Basic Professional Business Enterprise
  $20 /month $40 /month $80 /month Contact us
Payment Period Monthly
Rather pay yearly and get two months for free?
Datacenter Location USA hosting is in Washington D.C.
Europe hosting is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Managed Discourse Forum We provide the forum for you, keeping it up and running, maintained and secure.
You are the forum administrator. You get full admin panel functionality.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Latest Discourse Version We perform updates of the forum software on a regular basis. Your forum will be on the Discourse stable branch. On the Professional plan and up we can install the version of your choice. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage space Files, images and database count towards storage size. You can use your own Amazon S3 storage for images if you want.
You database can be max. 20% of the available storage though.
5 GB 20 GB 40 GB anything
Pageviews /month Requests for static assets are not counted, only application requests. 250,000 500,000 1,000,000 anything
Free Akismet license The Akismet plugin is pre-installed. Just enable it and you will be able to use it with the Akismet license we have provided for you. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outgoing and incoming email We provide for outgoing email with a very high inbox delivery rate. We can also provide POP3 mailboxes for incoming email. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single Sign On Single-Sign-On, for instance with the WP-Discourse plugin, is fully supported on all plans. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use your own Domain We provide You can hook up one of your own domain names to your forum as well. Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSL SSL on all plans! On the Professional plan you can upload your certificate or we can arrange one for you. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Your forum will have it's own IP address. - Yes Yes Yes
Basic Plugins All plans come with AdSense, Akismet, Sitemap, Slack, Solved, Staff-Notes plugins. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extra Plugins We will configure extra well-known plugins on the Professional plan and up. - 5 10 10+
Bespoke Plugins We will configure bespoke plugins, developed by you or for you, on the Business plan and up. - - Yes Yes
Backups Backups are encrypted and stored on a separate server. Daily Daily Daily Daily
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